Marfa Lights and Lamps offers the largest collection of Mid Century Modern Lamps and Shades available. Our collection has been divided into numerous catagories that are descriptive of the lamp base materials and the manufacturer of the lamp. The four big names in the genre of Mid Century Modern Lamps are Majestic, Reglor, Moss and Heifetz. Each becomes recognizable after a look through our lamps available for each of these famous manufacturers.

In addition to the main emphasis on Mid Century Modern Lamps and Shades, we also offer Post Modern, Machine Age and Art Deco Lamps.  The explosion of creativity after World War II is reflected in the variety and orginality of the lamps you will see in Marfa Lights and Lamps’ selection. Questions are welcomed as are corrections to the description of any lamp.

Free ground shipping in the continental United States.  Please contact us regarding shipping costs outside the continental United States and foreign distinations.

What is a Mid Century Modern Lamp?  A lamp manufactured between 1945 and 1960 is a Mid Century Modern Lamp.  How can you tell if the lamp is a Mid Century Modern Lamp.   It is best to describe what is not a Mid Century Modern Lamp.  If the lamp has an original cloth electrical cord, it is not a Mid Century Modern Lamp.  Cloths electrical cords were used before World War II and plastic cords after.  If the lamp has a long tubular spacer between the base and the electric socket, the lamp is not a Mid Century Modern Lamp.  Mid Century Modern Lamps were rarely over 30 inch tall.  Post Modern Lamps, lamps made after 1960, were much taller and were designed for drum lamp shades.   Tall, skinny lamps are Post Modern Lamps.   Large tubular lamps shades, nicknamed drum shades after the snare drum seen in marching bands, are not Mid Century Modern Lamps Shades.  These statements are generalities and there certainly are exceptions.

Mid Century Modern Lamps are works of art and updating the electrical workings of each lamp should always be considered.   The electrical workings of these lamps is 70 to 55 years old.  Where a lamp is in need of updating, that updating has been performed with care and with UL rated parts.  Should a buyer have question concerning the electrical workings of a lamp, the buyer should consult with an electrician.