About Marfa Lights & Lamps

Marfa Lights and Lamps’ collection began with lamps manufactured by Reglor and quickly added Majestic, Moss and Heifetz. Does everyone remember the wonder on seeing their first Moss spinner or the famous Majestic Z Lamp?  Mid Century Lamps reflect the most wonderful explosion of creativity experienced in American history.

Every visitor to Marfa Lights and Lamps should take the time to peruse all the categories of Mid Century Modern Lamps to grasp the variety of designs of lamps available to the collector. The lamps are not just functioning light fixtures but works of art that will bring years of lighting and enjoyment. These lamps are lamps to be loved. Some are surely one of a kind made by some unknown maker or limited production lamps by a designer who dreamed of making a unique lamp.

If a lamp was acquired with a shade, that lamp has been presented with that shade. Marfa Lights and Lamps has a large collection of vintage Mid Century Modern Shades that are available to be exchanged for the shade presented with a lamp base. If we feel that the shade was original with the base, no exchange is permitted. However, if we feel that the shade is of Mid Century Modern origins but not original to the lamp, the purchaser of the lamp is allowed to exchange the existing shade for another shade of equal value.  If the exchange is requested for a shade of lesser value, credit will be given on the purchase price of the base.  If the exchange is requested for a shade of greater value, the purchaser will be charged an additional amount usually $50 to $100 for the shade of greater value.

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