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  • Atomic Lamps
  • Biomorphic Lamps
  • Boudoir Lamps
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  • Chalkware Lamps
  • Continental Art Lamps

    Continental Art Lamp Company was a Chicago based manufacturer located on the famous Division Street. The owners were John Matanky, the son of Russian immigrants, and three Italian nationals.
    Plaster lamps were made from molds of sculptures by Italian designers. Production began in 1948 or 1949 and ended in 1962 when Mr. Matanky suffered a severe stroke. Both the plaster lamps bases and their unique lamps shades were made in house.
    Marfa Lights and Lamps thanks Michael Matanky, John’s son, for the above information and photograph.

  • Danish Modern Lamps
  • F.A.I.P. Lamps

    F.A.I.P. lamps were made in Brooklyn, New York and were made of chalkware. Little else in known. The controversy regarding the meaning of F.A.I.P. seems to be settled since lamps with label exist that read “Fine Arts in Plastics” and have the consistent F.A.I.P. copyright mark. The labels also have a Brooklyn address.

  • Floor Lamps
  • Folk Art Lamps
  • Glass Lamps
  • Heifetz Lamps

    Heifetz Manufacturing Company of New York City is renowned for the genius in its eclectic designs. Heifetz Manufacturing Company produced lamps from the designs of many industrial artists and designers. While other leading manufacturers of Mid Century Modern Lamps are recognizable by their unique design motifs, Heifetz lamps are not.
    Marfa Lights and Lamps believes that Heifetz Manufacturing Company did not own its own factories actually manufacturing Heifetz Lamps. It is very improbable that Heifetz Manufacuturing Company mastered the art of wood, metal and ceramic manufacturing. The time is post war America and there exists countless war industries needing to convert to consumer production. Heifetz designed his lamps but others made them. Light House Lamp & Shade Company of Los Angeles made lamps for Heifetz and Light House Lamp & Shade made lamps in their own name. Light House Lamp & Shade Lamps are being labeled Heifetz because of the similarity of the lamps. It is only fair and correct that to label a lamp a Heifetz lamp requires the Heifetz mark. There is no attribution other than the Heifetz mark.

  • Horse Head Lamps
  • Imported Lamps
  • Joey Manic Lamps
  • Lampcraft

    Lampcraft Industries, Chicago, was founded my Philip “Pinky” Harris in 1940. He sold Lampcraft in 1972.

  • Light House Lamp & Shade Co

    Light House Lamp & Shade Co was a Los Angeles based manufacturer and designer of lamps. Light House Lamp and Shade most certainly made lamps for Heifetz. The distinguishing difference between what Light House made for themselves and the lamps that their made for Heifetz is the shape of the base. Light House Lamps have circular or oval bases while Heifetz lamps have square or rectangular bases. And ALL Heifetz lamps are signed and no lamp will be sold by Marfa Lights and Lamps as a Heifetz lamp without its signature. The beauty and craftsmanship of Light House Lamps make them equals to any thing that Heifetz designed.

  • Machine Age Lamps
  • Majestic Lamps

    The Majestic Lamp Company was a spin off of an older manufacturer of radios and lamps after the ende of World War II. Beginning in 1948 William “Sloppy” Garwood lead the company with the designs that have become known as Majestic Lamps. Productions was centered in New York City and ended production in 1963.

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  • Modeline Lamps
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  • Office Lamps
  • Pairs
  • Pairs of Shades
  • Panther Lamps
  • Plastic Lamps
  • Plasto Lamps

    Plasto Manufacturing Company was started in 1945 by Joseph M. Borowitz. As the name indicated, Plasto lamps were made of chalkware of plaster of Paris.

  • Post Modern Lamps
  • Pottery Lamp
  • Reglor Lamps

    Bernie Stein and Rena Stein began Regor of California in 1947. Reglor is the combination of the names Rena and her cousin Gloria. Credit for the design inspirations is to be shared with Oscar Vega, a production assistant. Reglor lamps were frequently produced as a male and female pair. The distinctive shades of Reglor lamps were also made in house. Production stopped in 1975 when the Reglor factory in Montebello, California burned.

    All prices for Reglor lamps do not include an original Reglor shade unless expressly stated. We have a number of original Reglor shades that are available at an additional cost. Please contact us regarding original Reglor shades available.

  • Sculptureline Lamps

    Sculptureline was an early designer of Mid Century Modern Lamps. It is unknown if Sculptureline made their lamps or just designed their lamps for others to manufacture. The reason for this doubt is the range of materials that are found in Sculptureline Lamps much like Heifetz. Information about Sculptureline is solicited.

  • Shades
  • Stone Lamps
  • TV Lamps
  • Unknown Manufacturer #1

    Marfa Lights and Lamps does not believe that these lamps were manufactured by Majestic Lamp. The quality of the brass fittings is superior to those found in Majestic Lamps. Because the lamps are more frequently found in the West, it is believed that the unknown make was based on the West Coast. Information about this manufacturer is solicited.

  • Wood and Lucite Lamps
  • Wood Lamps