Art Deco Lamps

1197DD Art Deco Lamp

a skyscraper enameled Art Deco Lamp in white,  a iconic beauty.

Height 1:  18.25 inches
height 2:  10 inches
Width:  4.75 inches

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1223EE Art Deco Lamp

a timeless Art Deco Enameled Lamp, beautiful in form and color, a lamp that is 80 years young, a iconic Art Deco design.

Height 1:  17.5 inches
Height 2:  9 inches
Width:  5 inches

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1368AA Art Deco Lamp

A sublime female head in a Art Deco Lamp.  A wonderfully presented ceramic lamp for every epoch.

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539P Art Deco Lamp

This lamp is of European manufacture and is a pre war lamp, most likely from the 1930’s. The original shade does not set firmly on the lamp base.

Please contact us regarding the condition of this lamp before purchasing.

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691I Art Deco Lamp

The price is for the base only.

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