Continental Art Lamps

Continental Art Lamps

John Matanky and his wife, Mae

Continental Art Lamp Company was a Chicago based manufacturer located on the famous Division Street. The owners were John Matanky, the son of Russian immigrants, and three Italian nationals. Plaster lamps were made from molds of sculptures by Italian designers. Production began in 1948 or 1949 and ended in 1962 when Mr. Matanky suffered a severe stroke. Both the plaster lamps bases and their unique lamps shades were made in house. Marfa Lights and Lamps thanks Michael Matanky, John’s son, for the above information and photograph.

1043EE Mid Century Modern Continental Arts Lamp

a stunning Mid Century Modern Continental Arts Lamp, the male body in dance, a rare lamp in great condition.

Height 1:  32 inches
height 2:  22.5 inches
Width:  11.5 inches

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1101AA Mid Century Modern Continental Arts Lamps

The iconic Mid Century Modern Continental Arts Lamps is a uniquely clean condition.  These are one of the lamps that exemplify the Mid Century epoch.  Rarely are they found in this condition.

Height 1:  32.5 inches
Height 2:  23 inches
Width:  12.5 inches

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