Heifetz Lamps

Heifetz Manufacturing Company of New York City is renowned for the genius in its eclectic designs. Heifetz Manufacturing Company produced lamps from the designs of many industrial artists and designers. While other leading manufacturers of Mid Century Modern Lamps are recognizable by their unique design motifs, Heifetz lamps are not. Marfa Lights and Lamps believes that Heifetz Manufacturing Company did not own its own factories actually manufacturing Heifetz Lamps. It is very improbable that Heifetz Manufacuturing Company mastered the art of wood, metal and ceramic manufacturing. The time is post war America and there exists countless war industries needing to convert to consumer production. Heifetz designed his lamps but others made them. Light House Lamp & Shade Company of Los Angeles made lamps for Heifetz and Light House Lamp & Shade made lamps in their own name. Light House Lamp & Shade Lamps are being labeled Heifetz because of the similarity of the lamps. It is only fair and correct that to label a lamp a Heifetz lamp requires the Heifetz mark. There is no attribution other than the Heifetz mark.
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712F Heifetz Lamp

Grand Heifetz lamp with the original shade, a classic Mid Century design as intended.

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