Imported Lamps

012O Italian

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082G Mid Century Modern Lamp

Korean mid century modern lamp

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083G Mid Century Modern Lamp

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Rare Italian Mid Century Modern Lamp

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1381EE Imported Lamp

an Art Deco Imported Lamp most likely a Czech lamp made before WWII,  a lovely tribute to their craftsmanship.

Height 1:  5 inches
Width:   5.5 inches

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326 Imported Lamp

Australian desk lamp.  Please contact us befor purchasing.

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391 Mid Century Modern Lamp

a Cuban Lamp.  The lamp was collected from a young man in Florida who said that his Mother brought this lamp with her when she fled to Florida after the Revolution in Cuba.  The shade is original to the lamp.

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569 Mid Century Modern Lamp

Italian mid century modern lamp

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884F Mid Century Modern Lamp

The shade is not original to the lamp and is not of mid century modern origins.  The shade exchange credit is not available.

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