Post Modern Lamps

1280DD Post Modern Lamps, Pair

a dark blue pair of Post Modern Lamps.  A strong pair of lamps.

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1317BB Post Modern Lamp

a Post Modern Sputnik Lamp.  a lamp for the future world of plastic, metal and light.

Height 1:  22 inches
Width:  7.5 inches

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1319BB Post Modern Lamp

This Post Modern Lamp is an exquisite example of the Post Modern bowel  lamps.  The blue glaze is a work of art and a sight that will not grow old.

Height 1:  20 inches
Height 2:  11 inches
Width:  11 inches

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134G Post Modern Lamp

a saguro lamp from Arizona.

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1364BB Post Modern Lamp

a Post Modern Lamp of the Art Deco Ideal.  The lamp was made in Spain.  How could anyone resist such a lamp?    Modern Man and Light!

Height 1:  29 inches
Width:   14 inches

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1370AA Post Modern Lamp

A whimsical Post Modern Lamp.  Lots made, few survive.

Height 1:  22 inches
Width:  10.5 inches

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1376BB Post Modern Lamp

a Post Modern Lamp demonstrating a continuing use of fiberglass shades in an inexpensive lamp

Height 1:  12 inches
Width:  14 inches

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1441FF Post Modern Lamp

a Moss inspired Post Modern Lamp

Height 1:  26 inches
Height 2:  15 inches
Width:  8 inches

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