Unknown Manufacturer #1

Marfa Lights and Lamps does not believe that these lamps were manufactured by Majestic Lamp. The quality of the brass fittings is superior to those found in Majestic Lamps. Because the lamps are more frequently found in the West, it is believed that the unknown make was based on the West Coast. Information about this manufacturer is solicited.

1162BB Mid Century Modern Metal Lamp

One of the earlier examples of a production run of Mid Century Modern Metal Lamps by an as of now unknown manufacturer.    This lamp is often confused with Majestic Lamps but the quality of the workmanship and quality of the brass parts are superior to that found of Majestic Lamps.    The unique design motifs of this manufacturer dictate a separate production category.

Height 1:  27 inches
Height 2:  16.5 inches
Width:  16 inches

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1328AA Mid Century Modern Metal and Wood Lamp

This lamp is an icon of Mid Century Modern Lamps.  The quality of the work, materials and commitment to details makes this a lamp to be had.   It is a monument to the craftsmanship in Mid Century Modern culture.

Height 1:  29 inches
Height 2:  19 inches
Width:  16 inches

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