Wood Lamps

105K Mid Century Modern Lamps

Our records indicate that this lamp has a pair.  Please contact us regarding the existence of the pair before purchasing.

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1190DD Mid Century Modern Folk Art Lamp

a wonderful use of Nature in this Mid Century Modern Folk Art Lamp.  Perfect for a Western setting or for the outdoor Mid Century Modern.

Height 1:  22 inches
Height 2:  12 inches
Width:  10 inches

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1328AA Mid Century Modern Metal and Wood Lamp

This lamp is an icon of Mid Century Modern Lamps.  The quality of the work, materials and commitment to details makes this a lamp to be had.   It is a monument to the craftsmanship in Mid Century Modern culture.

Height 1:  29 inches
Height 2:  19 inches
Width:  16 inches

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1338AA Mid Century Modern Wood Lamp

A beautiful example of the stacking design in Mid Century Modern Wood Lamps.  A clean presentation of work of small scale craftsmen of Mid Century Modern Lamps.

Height 1:  17.5 inches
Height 2:  8.5 inches
Width:  7 inches

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1373AA Pair of Wood Mid Century Modern Lamps

Wonderful pair of bases of a man and women of Mid Century Modern design.

Heigth 2:  17.5 inches
Width:  7 inches

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168 Mid Century Modern Lamp

Lamp is with original finial and shade.

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